ninawa is a brand stemmed from a mission to inspire
dreamers & create makers

I am Jacqueline, a graphic designer born and raised in Vienna, Austria, with an Egyptian/Syrian background a chaotic spirit and yet a love for structure.

On december 28th 2012 my mother passed away unexpectedly, leaving me, my father and my 3 siblings behind. Being a 17 year old teenager with goals and dreams, this was quite a soul crushing experience. I developed a fear of the unexpected future and it kept me from accomplishing anything for a pretty long time. But instead of holding on to the pain, I decided to shift my focus and start letting go of fear and uncertainty.

When I think of my mother I remember her beautiful soul and how organized and structured she was. She used to write down every little detail in her calendar and she had the best time management skills. 

So now, 8 years later, in december 2020, I decided to launch a stationery brand in honor of my beautiful and exemplary mother, Ninawa. Having structure in our life gives us room for creativity and self improvement. It all starts with writing down some To-Do’s for tomorrow, setting goals for the week or writing down a few thoughts and ideas for the future. My goal is to inspire others to let go of self-doubt and start working on their dreams one step at a time.